Saturday, November 8, 2008


So today I finally had time to sit back and do some work. How did I utilize that time? BY SLEEPING THE DAY AWAY! Those who are not morning people should never only set one alarm. Argh.

Another opening came this afternoon. I had a few tasks to do and then some time to sit around a sketch... and play around on the computer... which crashed... and got all wonky afterwards. The crash disabled my bluetooth capabilities, which meant my mouse was useless and Photoshopping was suddenly quite difficult. As I am using Windows, the "help" section did nothing by tell me what a functioning mouse would do. I then encountered the lovely: "If it's not working, you should already know how to fix it." Clearly, the people who write these help guides are libertarians.

After lots of fruitless Googling - most results advertisements or mac forums - I finally got my way into the device manager. To paraphrase the diagnosis: "This isn't working (error 43)." To paraphrase error 43: "It isn't working." So helpful!

So my bluetooth had been disabled due to the crash freaking out my computer. I click the "fix this" button... which appeared to be a placebo as all it did was trigger a status bar that filled up and disappeared even though nothing else was done. So then I did the radical thing: I disabled the supposedly-disabled program and enabled it again. Victory! To summarize: The crash freaked out my bluetooth, which STOPPED the program but didn't DISABLE it. Such semantics meant all help and connection programs only saw it as enabled and therefore said unkind things about my mother instead of actually helping. Day = wasted. Attitude = grumpy.

So, yeah, here's a sketch of Bud composing at a laptop, since the most I've done today is outline some more Maquette stuff. Yeehaw.

PS: My stolen wi-fi signal is fickle. I can browse around the net if I want, but the *second* I try to do something productive it leaves me with internet blue balls. Grr.

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