Sunday, November 16, 2008

My cartooning efforts until now summed up in two panels:

Doing time lines in my head, I am a solid four months (and counting) behind in production of Precocious. I am one panel away from having the strips up to the current arc's mid-point ready for inking. With any luck, there will be completed in the next two days. The whole thing was supposed to be up late July/early August. Sigh.

In spite of my spectacular failure up to this point, my heart is still in this and my eyes remain starry with visions of future success. Yes, many of my early strips are time-sensitive and it will make no sense to launch into a "back to school" storyline in DECEMBER - but I am going forward with it anyway! I'll just number them for now - as opposed to dating them - so those reading the archives will never know! Mwa ha ha!

Some sacrifices must be made, as the parents and class elections arcs will be cut for now. Elections can be moved post-holiday and the arc introducing the parents will have to be done as a "bonus" and inserted into the archives directly after the pilot episode.

Oh well. It's time to take the blow, suck it up, adapt and press onward towards success! (Maybe.)

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