Monday, November 17, 2008

Adventures in Caffeination

So it's letting day for the new scripts. Historically, my best inking/lettering has been done after a glass of wine. It cuts out a bit of the manic stressing. Yeah, so guess the path I went down today! (It's in the title of the post, so if you got it wrong, you should be ashamed.) While reviewing the latest remodeling splendor, my brother, Monkey See, saw an empty cup of coffee. "Maybe I want coffee!"

I am a person who is too hip to be a coffee shop idiot, yet not hip enough to actually be a coffee shop douchebag. This means coffee is rare in my life. I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. My preference: Intense dark roast! That won't get me wired at all!

Managed to letter three full strips before my shaking hand became unusable. What does one do when productivity becomes impossible? I'm useless? BLOGGING TIME!

I'm not a big fan of this Sky sketch, but it marks my latest sketchbook venture. My cartoon mommies are coming into the strip soon, so I'd best practice drawing them. It's hard to get the eyes to be the appropriate size. Too small is weaksauce drawing. Too large is too childlike. It's an issue! Other notable things about this version of Sky: It's probably the most modest outfit I've put her in so far. She's a bit of a free spirit (see: beads in the hair) and her outfits reflect that. Also, this is another experiment on how to treat her tail. I want the tip to be colored, but the stripes are iffy. She's a simplified tabby, but *how* simplified is the issue.

I'm hoping my hand will calm down soon. To keep myself productive, I may just have to consume some alcohol!


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