Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Death to the poofy dress!

Yet another roadblock in comic creation has been overcome: The strips featuring Dionne's ridiculous dress have been completed!

While I'm glad to be done with it, I do regret my failure at dress design. In reality, young pageant girls dress revoltingly slutty. (Note to feds: My research only went as far as a Little Miss Sunshine vidcap. I chose the the least-frightening dress, added ruffles and closed my browser feeling violated.) I tried to go for the ridiculousness of the costumes while filtering out the creepy factor - hence the tutu thingy. I probably should have added more bows, but they would conflict with the spots and ruffles and spots and curls and sucky drawing.

That brings the completed strip count to 22 - only 40 strips and a few months behind now! That's... fairly horrible, considering the strip was supposed to have launched its regular updates on Monday. I'm almost tempted to finish building the site to do the regular updating and just fill in the summer stories as they get done. Oh, ambition, you are such folly in the hands of an idiot! I have stories set in July (Gender Wars), August (Meet the Parents), September (Back to School, Birthday Parties) and October/November (Class Elections). At one point I actually thought I'd be *ahead* of schedule. What a moron I was. Of course, this "start now, work on the backlog" plan isn't going to happen, as I need to actually SCRIPT the opening strips first! I have 4 scripted, but the arc is likely 8-10 strips long. Oy.

Oh well, all I can do is keep pressing on with the original plan. Max's introduction is up next, which consists of several monologues. Easy on the drawing, but hell on someone who seriously sucks at lettering.

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