Saturday, September 27, 2008

Missed it by *that* much

Aww, my daily streak is over. It would have been so easy to change the time stamp on the previous update to yesterday - especially since I edited it to add in more images at 1am - but where's the fun in that? Are *you* going to judge me harshly for spending the day in DC visiting my dying grandfather? Yeah, I thought so.

I wasn't planning on any update tonight, but I'll put forth a token effort. Netflix came through for me today and sent me the last two discs of Battlestar Galactica season 2 in two days instead of three. Score! I put in the first disc, settled down with my sketchbook and worked while I watched.

The episode involved the evil black market, profiting on the desperation of others. Naturally, the resulting sketch was Dionne in a schoolgirl outfit. Not only is she using a cuteness tactic to sucker people, but she's STEALING AUTUMN'S BIT! How evil can you be?

This was also the first BSG episode I've watched that I can say really sucked. One of the guest stars was the same dude from the infamous "shake the bunny" episode that was so awful it nearly destroyed LOST. Bill Duke, you are the destroyer of good shows!

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