Sunday, September 21, 2008

Continuing to hammer out the website

How does one do something productive when one's brain is encased in concrete? After completely butchering the drawing and inking of strip 24, I gave up on the art side of productivity for the day. This meant it was back to coding!

I've switched the domain forwarding now, so going to will now take you to the actual comic. Considering the only visitor might be the one reader of this post, I'm not risking anything here. I suppose that's a benefit that comes with being so unpopular.

Aside from adding the wildly-disappointing strip 24, I've also added a cast page and changed the menus a bit. While I hope to eventually expand the cast section as more and more characters get introduced, I figured it couldn't hurt to put up summaries for the elite eight. I'm not thrilled with the page, but it's fine for a placeholder. I debated over including Roddy or not, as he doesn't show up during the pilot arc, but decided I wanted the balance of having eight cast members. Roddy will be introduced when I start whoring out my strip anyway.

On positive news: I have a buttload of new art supplies! Should my brain get in gear, I'll at least be prepared for it.

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