Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Tonight I put another sketchbook to rest. It took slightly under two months to finish it. In theory, this is a good thing. I had burned through the my last few sketchbooks in under a month, meaning I had done no *actual* work. In theory, moving at half that speed should mean I've been doing actual work!

OR, it means my tooth exploded a month ago. :'-(

Eh, I got *some* work done during this sketchbook's reign of power, which is an infinite amount more than with the previous ones.

Woo, kids! I like this collection because it shows how much taller Max is compared to the others. Aside from that, it's just the "best of" from my Rome watching marathon.

I found a sketch I'd made of Autumn with her hair unrestrained. I liked it, but it was just a head - so I played Dr. Frankenstein and threw it on a body of Autumn with her, uh, autumn gear on. (Autumn of autumn's head was fine, but not as interesting, so off it went!) This Dionne is inferior to the one in the first image, but it was scanned before I found the better one, so enjoy it anyway! (For the record, Dionne tends to point in sketches so I can practice drawing the spots on her arms.)

Finally, here's some more of Bud's mother, Sydney. This batch of sketches shows off her ponytail a bit more. Since she appears so infrequently, I have the freedom to change her hair length as I please. I should note that the most interesting sketches - which had her hair down and gave her more fashionable dresses - were all poorly placed on the page. Oh well, these two full-body shots are fair enough.

Overall, a very depressing and sad month was reflected in a very depressing and sad sketchbook. My characters, as always, stood around with benign smiles or slight confusion - so the subject matter didn't change. The execution is what depresses me. I should be taking more risks and creating more dynamic poses with my characters, but it's all I can do to keep the static blah-ness together.

To fully commit to the role as a reflection of my mood, there is a point in my sketchbook where I suffered such a jolt that I somehow go switched around and began drawing from a different end of the book. Two thirds of the way through in my current direction, I ran into my drawings from a few weeks ago. They are much cleaner and more controlled. All my recent stuff is loose and unfocused. Gee, I wonder why.

Another inspirational pep talk from me to me!

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