Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lucky number 13

13! 13! 13! Yes, I am re-watching Rome!

Yes, September is clearly the month of cursing, crying and bad omens.

Presenting, for the first time ever, Xander Upton: The 13th member of our class o' smarts.

His last name is no coincidence. Xander is not only emotionally distant, but he lives the farthest away as well! Even so, it's just not enough for him. Xander does not see his brain as an asset. By attending the Poppinstock Academy, he is kept away from social circle back home.

And don't you dare ask him to make friends with his fellow...NERDS! Xander is preppy snot through and through and wants as little to do with his classmates as possible. He caucuses with the outsider crew when push comes to shove, but that's it. Like the rest, he's an elitist...but not in the zesty way. Xander is a fiscal elitist - part of the country club set. My darling hellions believe in elitism through quality - a meritocracy! It's the same rudeness to others, but this way it's justified!

I've scribbled several Xanders over time, but this was the first I liked enough to scan. I think the preppy, shirt-tied-around-the-neck look won me over. Also, the slicked-back hair is a lot less forgiving to draw that my usual floppy or fluffy hairstyles. His normal look is not so wide-eyed; instead, his eyelids tend to sit at an unamused half mast. But that's not as cute!

Don't expect Xander to do anything but sit unhappily in the background for a long time. Even when he's discussed (which is rarely) he doesn't speak. He just glares. Then he leaves as soon as he possibly can.

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