Sunday, October 18, 2009

Campfire stories

Here's the first idea sketch for the Halloween image!

A la Treehouse of Horror, we have the children sitting around telling stories. Bud, naturally, is the devilish storyteller. Jacob and Autumn are horrified by the things coming out of his mouth. Tiffany, naturally, has been there, done that.

Maybe I should drawn them in some traditional costumes for this idea. I dunno. It's hard to draw them in full costume while sitting down. I'd have to settle for telling hats or something. Then again, in a larger format, the details would be easier to tackle.


Al S. Romero said...

This sketch is a good start. I like the way Tiffany doesn't care about Bud's stories. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Tiff's attention always drifts if she's not actively doing something. She'll be asleep in no time.