Sunday, October 4, 2009

Copper Road Rage

It has been a stressful day. Grandma is out of the hospital and back her to mischievous ways, so that's good. Still, all this craziness has not been conducive to making a humor comic strips. I have Precocious strips up to Wednesday, and I should be OK with keeping that up - it's Copper Road that's killing me.

See, when I decided to switch up my storyline and integrate Copper Road into Precocious, I wasn't just sacrificing one strip. I was sacrificing two! I had two Copper Roads scripted and ready to go - and then I wrote myself into a hole! Since I extended the revolution an extra week, the tie-in Copper Road strip now can't appear for another week. Once again, I am left on Sunday night without a vote incentive. I really REALLY hate missing deadlines.

Problem is, I have nothing. I am drained. I have to focus on my family right now, and I can't sit around for scripting and drawing. There is no time for it. I'll try to get something up, but I can't make a guarantee this week will have a Copper Road either. I'm sorry.

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Al S. Romero said...

Well, enjoy what you are doing right now, being with family, then worry about the comics later (especially Copper Road, again that could wait).