Sunday, October 25, 2009

Choose your wallpaper

After checking the calendar, I see time is running out for me to get this wallpaper done. That means I need a final direction, and for that I turn to you!

Thanks to everyone who suggested wallpaper ideas! Now it's time to choose. Look over my recent posts and tell me what you'd most like to see, and how I should expand upon those ideas. Did you like Tiffany as a witch? The campfire stories? Supervillains? The horrific Rocky Horror mistake? (If so, what is wrong with you!?) Let me know what you want!

Hey, know your vote will count. Not many people will be giving feedback, so your voice could push one idea to the front of the pack! If I see a clear majority, I will follow it. Otherwise, I do what *I* want... which totally defeats the purpose of asking you guys, so SPEAK UP!

Also, I apologize for not getting to every suggestion. Some proved a bit harder to sketch than anticipated and others just got cut for time.


Al S. Romero said...

I would go with Tiffany being a witch, one suggestion about it is that Tiffany is casting spells (like levitation) on her parents and siblings.

On an off note topic: Saw 6 and Paranormal Activities are both awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Tiff being a witch, too. The giant Tiffany as a witch, wreaking havoc on the neighborhood is a favorite.

Unknown said...

Campfire has the best layout IMO

Unknown said...

I'm choosing either the nesting dolls or Tiffany as a witch.

If I had to absolutley choose one though Tiffany as the witch would be it.