Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Enough guppies can eat a whale, right?

Look, it's been documented that I'm ADHD, like FOR REALS. It's not that fun, because concentration is really kinda important in getting work done. Over the past few days, I have been hard core scrambled for some reason, bouncing between project after project and taking nibble after nibble. The result: LOTS OF UNFINISHED PROJECTS! Booyah!

In theory, if I keep going around, thinks will start getting done. Copper Road is now sketched and ready for inking. Saturday's strip is ready to ink as well. Sunday's? I'm FUCKED. Got nothing for that yet. Next weeks' strips have been lettered, so it's time for some (rather extensive) sketching. Stupid elaborate compositions. Web design is in the corner with Sunday's potential strip and my pride. I'll work on that stuff LATER.

Between all this chaos, I've been painting. It's better than sitting around in a daze or playing video games. I'm gonna pay with this EVEN MORE because I'm still not satisfied, but it is progressing. Enjoy!

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