Thursday, August 27, 2009

Build that buffer!

(Picture shrunk to hopefully hide spoilers.)

I'm getting ready to head back down to DC on Sunday, so I have to make sure my comics are done to cover that stay. This means working the proverbial butt until it falls off. Proverbially.

Things are progressing nicely, with the dailies almost done and Copper Road readied for its inking. The one hold up is the blasted Sunday strip again. I am completely out of ideas! Well, good ideas at least.

I know a few of the dailies I'm going to do in my free-form September, but Sundays have been lacking. I have a Sunday for the NEXT week in my head, but this week I am forced to choose between two rather weak ideas. Forgive me if end up going with one of 'em.

I'm looking forward to this DC trip because I'll have no pressure to get the comic done - and I haven't felt that freedom in a while. The plan is to get my butt scripting, so I can look to September with a little more confidence. I don't even have to script September's strips! October is when the next Precocious story begins, and I want to have that bugger knocked out so I know how to fit it into the grand scheme of things. If I touch on some ideas in the October story, I can use the September strips to remind the readers such themes exist. For example: Autumn really hates Max. That's been covered a grand total of ONCE so far. I either have to reintroduce that topic or scrap it from the October tale. (It's a throwaway gag there, not anything important.)

A few good scripting marathons can really give me a peace of mind, provided they are effective. But first, I gotta get this buffer properly built up. I'll be in a panic the second I get home from DC, as my buffer would be only at two days then, so productivity during the trip is vital.

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