Saturday, August 8, 2009

Consider my media mixed!

Instead of doing real work today, I played around with a set of watercolor pencils. It's drawing and painting combined into some grotesque chimera! Or maybe it's just how I use it. Me and watercolors haven't hung out since high school, and even then we didn't click. They're delicate and require time and patience. Screw that, I'm hanging with acrylics! We go wild, dry off and GO WILD AGAIN in the time it takes for me to impulsively ruin a watercolor by painting on a still-wet surface.

Ahh, but this was a fun bit of playtime on a day when nothing else would be done. Gotta pack up the painting for a return home tomorrow, had to throw out the India ink because it was too old and empty (just like me?) and the only tech pen I had available was a surprisingly useful 1 pointer. I got a lot of work out of that bugger during this trip!

Anyway, art is done for the evening. It's time to get my stuff together and prepare for REVOLUTIONIZING MY VOTE INCENTIVES tomorrow.


Donna Schirmer said...

I think she looks great!

Anonymous said...

Tiff always looks great. She's gonna be a hot chick when she's an adult-assuming she doesn't get killed by one of Buddy's cooking disasters.