Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can haz iPhone?

Oh lawds, what have I done? I now have a phone that is smarter that me! It's so shiny and new and INTIMIDATING! (Doesn't stop me from taking the token smug photo, though!)

Now I've gotta figure out how to USE this darn thing. As I type, I am syncing the phone with iTunes. My speaker station will now have its desired compliment - and it SHOULD charge this one! If that works, then it's on to playing with other features. Hey, I might even look into the phone part of this iPhone sometime too!

Anyone with an iPhone who has ap recommendations or general tutorial stuff, please share in the comments area. I am a complete n00b, so guidance would be appreciated.


Danny said...

Welcome to the mac army (The iphone rocks!)! Don't you buy one of their computers (those are reserved for Video people)! For art Windows is just as good if not better (especially on Photoshop), When I do my personal music it's always on a windows machine. I'd use a Windows for work, but since the video people and recording studios use macs I have to use them. Pretty annoying, they freeze up more than my PCs on large files. Enough with computers, they both work well! It's the man behind the machine, not the machine behind the man. We still use reel to reel recording once in a while.

Anyways, I heard pizza hut developed an app that can order pizza without even having to call them. Wait, that thing can call people? Enjoy it!

Now for tutorials... It's a apple, there really isn't much I can tell you except for the general rule of computer optimization. Never stuff the iphone with apps, only leave the ones you use, and don't jailbreak it unless you are a techie (it slowed down my ithingie quite a lot when I did it on the first phone). Recommended apps... I wouldn't really know what to tell you, but there are thousands, just install the ones you need.

Anonymous said...

Another one? One of my coworkers has one but if I get one, it will be a while from now. For me, that would be kind of pointless since only infrequently use my cell phone. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the cell phone age.