Monday, July 6, 2009

Cartoon Wardrobe Logic

Autumn is a strange one when it comes to cartoon wardrobe logic. While she has her default "schoolgirl" outfit, she is far less loyal to it than your typical comic character. Part of it is my laziness. Her current tank top and slacks look is her casual garb, and perfect for a casual artist! I do fine the look to be a bit boring, however. There's no flashy vest, no strips on the shirt and no adorable button. It's flat white!

With the current storyline, the kids will be slipping on their baseball uniforms shortly. That gets everyone out of the norm and allows me to reset clothing after it's over, should I wish to do so. If I run with what I have scripted now for after the baseball arc, Autumn would likely be back in her schoolgirl look. If I go with another story I've been mulling, her look is already determined. What this means is I don't have to ACT upon this idea for MONTHS!

*slacks off*

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