Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Aren't we forgetting something?

I've been chipping away at a lot of Precocious extra stuff. I'm working on the new site, dabbling in merchandising, looking ahead to attending cons, painting cute pictures and whatnot. What am I missing? Oh right, THE STRIP ITSELF! I'm down to the last week in my buffer and that means I need to find some time to do the MOST IMPORTANT THING! Curse you, distractions!

Oh, and Sunday's comic will be a repeat. This isn't a sign of desperate, but rather another step in my elaborate site upgrading. I renumbered and had one Sunday left over, so I chose to run it in the next free spot. I assure you the next month and a half is already scripted (even Sundays!) - I'm just being lazy on the execution.

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