Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Zazzle Experiment

Or: How to lose a customer!

So after playing with t-shirt ideas, I took the simplest one to execute and create a shirt for it on Zazzle. To make sure the quality was up to par, I ordered it for myself. It came in, and it SUCKED. The graphic was not placed in the regular t-shirt spot, but instead was about four inches higher - in the half-necklace, half boob-top position. Zazzle managed to find the most unflattering position possible for this screw-up, and I wasn't going to accept it.

So I used their report form to explain how they screwed up, after first hiding the item in my store just in case some fool would buy it. I requested a refund, as my first experience didn't leave me flush with confidence. They say I'll get a reply from them within 24 hours.

Two days later, I get the lovely "we hope this solution was to your satisfaction" template. The solution? "We need to see a photo of this mistake and then we'll talk." Fine, I prepped an image showing my shirt verses how it appears on the douchebag model from the website, again requesting a refund:

This time they were fast in getting back to me, with an email titled, "reprint initiated!" I was politely informed that my order will be reprinted and re-sent to me. A few inches below that, is my quote, "As previously stated, I have requested a refund." A few inches below THAT is my original refund request. Really, Zazzle?

You know what, FINE! Let's see what crap they send me now. Until then, I must hold onto my misprints, because I have to return those with the new shirts should the new shirts also be misprinted. Of course, they say that, but I half suspect this will just keep going in an infinite loop of stupid.

So much for setting up a store on Zazzle. Anyone have another print on demand site to recommend?

UPDATE: The customer rep finally caught the mistake and issued the refund. Hooray!

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