Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How not to kill a character

Or should that be how to not kill a character?

I was going to have fun with Tiffany's choking and subsequent passing out. She goes going to collapse with a *thud* and... nothing. Life would go on, and Tiffany just wouldn't be there. Is she OK? Is she DEAD? Oh no! She'd be gone for the rest of the story! I would have gotten such a kick out of it... if only I hadn't screwed it up.

Acting like a newspaper comic guy, I treat my dailies and Sundays as operate entities - just like they do in the biz! Of course, this can come back to bite me, as the Sunday strip following Tiff's "death" featured... Tiffany! Oops.

To make matters worse, Monday's strip featured Jacob getting benched for Quincy. Of course, as a smart commenter point out, Jacob couldn't be benched unless Tiffany was OK. D'oh! We all knew she'd be fine, but that was poor plotting on my part. I couldn't even toy with the readers correctly!


Spheniscine said...

And it'd have perversely made Gene seem to care more about getting revenge on Quincy "Player Killer" Wozwax than the life of his daughter... lol

Unknown said...

In a twisted backwards way, Quincy's introduction brought on the discussion of LARPing, which lead to Jacob hitting Tiff on the back. So technically, his anger would still be valid, just misplaced.