Monday, May 19, 2008

It was the manual transmission that held me back!

So what have I been up to while my internet was down this past week? Mario Kart! Turns out that by switching to automatic, I suddenly got WAY better! And now it's fun, which might be the worst thing that could happen to me!

It's not like I could have dabbled online anyway...but when the internet returned what did I do? ONLINE MARIO KART! Not good.

Here is my attempt to make up for it... (click for the large version)

Bud (in his Dr. Oven supervillain goggles) is driving the ducky...whatever it's actually called. It's ultra maneuverable, and thus handy for twisty tracks! Tiffany seemed perfect for the cloud-flying Latiku. Autumn and Roddy are driving whatevermobiles. This is not an accurate recreation.

Oh yeah, that's Roddy Finnegan - the one non-Gemstone kid who my kids will recognize. This was accomplished by brute force, antagonism, pestering and general annoyance. Roddy is frustrated by the insular group, and it is his purpose to make them face the world. Good luck, Roddy. You're doomed!

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