Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I like the color because it matches my laptop...am I shallow?

As I am just about the most unpopular person on the planet, I have to make decisions on what to do with the time someone normal would spend socializing. Do I fill the void by playing video games? Watching TV/DVDs? Taking up a substance abuse problem? All of these are good options. Unfortunately, I am less than pleased with the new Mario Kart (do I have the patience to keep going until I stop sucking...I dunno) and my worthless waste of resources brother has lost all his netflix DVDs, so movies are out as well. Ritalin means I'll die of a bad reaction before I get the hobby-ish devotion that eventual comes from drug addiction, so I can't even destroy myself in rock star fashion. Dammit! What the heck can I do with my void of a life if destruction is (for now) off the table?

The only options I had left were blogging about emotions and likening my life to various songs...or being productive. So, hey, check out the first mock-up for the Precocious web site!

Yes, that would be one of the strips sitting on the page. I didn't want to share a full strip this early, but what the hey. I think I can trust all zero people that read this blog to respect my intellectual property. So, nonexistent readers, you can send me some feedback on the design - in case you suddenly become real. (By the way, if I have such conjuring powers and I've spent it on a blog readers instead of bringing the woman of my dreams into my life, I will be quite upset.)

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