Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've yanked a bunch of sketches out of my sketchbook. Enjoy.

First up is a Bud Oven progression. The most notable thing here is that flipping the image horizontally made everything look really messed up. Behold the mysteries or art, composition and the human brain!

Next is a shot of our gals, just 'cause. Autumn is concerned, while Tiffany seems awfully cheery considering her dress' smiley face is gone.

This is the first image of Quincy Wozwax to make it online since the itty bitty class roster posted months and months ago. As he is the token super nerd, he is wearing a Flash shirt. (Or, to go with current events, a lightning bolt from Mario Kart!) Quincy won't be making an appearance in the strip as anything more than a background character for a long time (and, yes, I've already scripted it despite it being at least a year down the road) but it's always fun to share class members.

Unlike Quincy, Suzette Grady is a regular character in Precocious. She's the militant one who always has something to be angry about - be it feminism, class warfare or being excluded from whatever group is relevant. It's always fun when Suzette shows up! What really makes me love Suzette, however, is that she is by FAR the easiest character to draw! Considering my artistic aspiration for the strip, it's a nice change of pace to have something simple to draw. The biggest challenge with Suzette is the bell on the collar she wears around her neck. (To symbolize the discrimination she feels she faces constant in everyday life.)

Because these things haunt me, I want to correct something I said below. When I mentioned Dionne is a character that changes her clothes, that wasn't entirely the case. Like most cartoon characters, Dionne has her default outfit she wears on most occasions - which is pictured above. She is just more likely than the others to change clothes when the need arises. In the first story arc, Dionne wears three outfits, which makes this nascent cartoonist sad. Of course, Bud and Autumn change their clothes during the arc too, so maybe I just like pain.

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