Friday, May 30, 2008

Autumn's ears do actually point up, y'know

So I noticed something. All of Autumn's appearances on this blog so far have had her ears down. This is a consequence of the short window of time this blog has been up and running. As I am still getting these characters down, my sketches focus on experimentation with technique. I've read several annotated anthologies of comics recently and one note came up in all to which it applied: If you have an animal character, playing with the ears makes them so much more expressive! (Or, in the case of Get Fuzzy, permanently set ears indicate an "angry mode" all the time.) As I am not skilled enough to play with the folded ears of Bud and Jacob (and Tiffany's space cadet nature favors certain ear positions), Autumn's natural intensity and big fox ears were perfect! I've played with her expressive ears so much that I've half-forgotten how to draw regular Autumn. It's the curse of early development: Taking time to sharpen one skill allows the others to grow dull.

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