Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Elusive Sydney Oven

I've been trying to draw the Precocious parents more and I figured sharing sketches is a good excuse for padding the blog count. As I'm still not that great at drawing adult males, I've focused mostly on the easier-to-draw moms. Sydney Oven is the one I've drawn the most, since she wasn't fully defined. Before yesterday, I had two total sketches for her that I liked, so I needed the practice. (Click the image for full-size...which goes for most images posted here, actually.)

The size of the portraits are related to the confidence Sydney has in each of her roles. Sydney is a business woman above all, so she's her most confident dressed for success. In these sketches, I wanted to also cover her in her more casual forms. After all, when she appears in the strip it will be when she's at home unwinding. That's when you see her lounging around in Pokemon pajamas playing video games and refusing to do any household chores. (She is very strict about her unwind time.) The sketch of her with a cocktail is to show her awkwardness with *casual* socializing. She wants nothing to do with small talk unless she's doing it for business. That thing on her chest was supposed to be a gaudy necklace, to further highlight the awkwardness, but I didn't sketch it well. Blah.

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