Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank you, Anthrocon!

Ask me a few years ago if I'd ever be in a pic like the one above, and I'd laugh at you. Whaddaya know.  Turns out furry cons are good times! I had a lot of fun at my first Anthrocon, and I'm already looking forward to coming back next year - and rocking it even harder!

After two conventions now, I have to say it... I really like this dealers room stuff.  Everyone yelled at me to go see panels and get wubwubwub'd to death at the raves, but my joy is in meeting fans (old, new and future), fellow artists and throwing my art around to all who want it.  I'd do that every weekend if the travel expenses and all things logical didn't make it impossible.

This con was extra special, because it was the unexpected debut of the first Precocious book! (Which is still available for pre-order by the way!)  I finally got to hold it in my hands and it was so very lovely!  The first thing I did when the dealer's room opened up was rush over to the great Bill Holbrook, who made my life by agreeing to write the foreword for the book.

Bill got the very first artist edition, and was kind enough to let us gush all over him for a bit as we took photos. It meant so much to me to have someone I've idolized so long give me support, and I hope we con together often so I can hear more and more stories from a legendary veteran!

Anthrocon was wonderfully welcoming to me.  I had lots of traffic for the first half of the con, and enough free time to go chat with some friend and favorites after that.  Sundays are always slow, so I filled the time playing with marker experiments and lots of reader meetings. (Apologies to all whose chairs were stolen for that.)

Major thanks go to Matt and Darc of Code Name: Hunter, for being my hosts and my guides through this new experience. Ash, their pet British guy, was sugary sweet and helpful. I'd have been lost without them pushing me along and introducing me to all sorts of awesome people.  (The epic dinner adventure with us, Amber Williams of DMFA and her husband gave me my first con story!) I got to have wonderful conversations with a bunch of great folks, including Jenner of Doc Rat and RedCoatCat.

So, yeah, you furries wore me down with your niceness. I want to come back! I want to play again!  And those non-furry comic cons I'm doing in the future? You have a lot of live up to now.

As I recover more, I'll be posting a lot more about Anthrocon on the sketch blog and Twitter, and you'll be able to see a lot of my AC artwork over in my FurAffinity gallery.  (When people upload my commissions, I'm favoriting them like the narcissist I am.)


Slick Kat said...

glad you had a good time! it was fun hanging out with you (again), can't wait for fa:u!

Iron Ed said...

Not sure where to post this, but...
Lis Boriss of 'Broken Plot Device' recorded the entire Fursuit Parade from her table. It is over 17 minutes long and is posted on her website:
Ruby / Darc Sowers (Codename: Hunter) appears clearly at time-stamp 10:10!