Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anthrocon info! (I will have books!)

Today I head off to furryland to do the Anthrocon thing. I shall play with many awesome people and hopefully make enough money to keep the comic dream alive a little bit longer.

I'll be in the dealers room pretty much the whole time it's open, so you have no excuse for missing me. Look, I'm so easy to find!

I will be at tables J16/J17 with the lovely folks of RCSI Publishing. Look for the RCSI logo out front and the giant Precocious and Code Name: Hunter banners behind us!

For those lazy folks who somehow never checked out my sketch blog, here I am. Memorize my face. That is the face you should be throwing your money towards.

While I'll try to look somewhat presentable on most days, I simply cannot let the con pass without breaking out the Tiff hat for one day! (By the way, if you guys covet the caps, let me know. There's a chance of more being made if the price is right.)

So what am I offering?

-THE PRECOCIOUS BOOK! The artist edition bundle will be available for $30.
-Commissions! Sketchbook or 8.5x11" pieces, starting at $20.
-Badges! 3x4" badges, starting at $10.
-Buttons! $1.50 for one. $6 for five. $10 for all 10 designs.
-Magnets! $1.50 each. $5 for all four.
-Whatever else I feel like offering. (Custom buttons looks like a go, for example.)

(More details here.)

I hope to see a bunch of you there! Make me feel welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Only problem is that I'm not there. I understand that the Funday Pawpets are doing a live show Sunday.