Monday, June 4, 2012

Why the quiet time?

In case you hadn't been tracking all the links I've been posting on Twitter, I sold out to the furries over the last month so I could have a usable portfolio for Anthrocon.  Since the animal stuff doesn't appeal to everyone, I kept the finals over on my FurAffinity account.  Shoulda shared shared the Precocious pieces over here, but I was lazy and I still have some hangup about reposting my art instead of creating original art for each site.

Art on this blog could be scarce for June as well.  I'll be doing commissions at Anthrocon, and probably posting some photos of them here, but that's it.  June is my vacation month.  The second half of June will have me traveling all about, so I won't be stopping to make much art. (Precocious and Copper Road will continue to update regularly, of course, as I've built a sizable buffer for both.)

Still, the news posts will be coming. Yes, the big ones will go on the main page too, but other notes will be on the blog only.

I'm excited for this summer. July should be filled with various crazy projects, August will have another con and, wow, the book's official release!  There's some wild happenings predicted for September too!  I'll be posting news of those projects here when I can confirm them - and there should be a couple of those announcements in the next two weeks.

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