Sunday, June 19, 2016

Chrispy at Conventions!

In my broken state, I only allow myself to do two social things a year, so here they are! Coming up WAY TOO SOON, is Anthrocon. I will be there! You should be there. Specifically, at table C3, buying my three books in-person, so you can get a nifty sketch in them! And you can talk with Mat, creator of Badly Drawn Kitties, master table assistant, and model for our doomed Precocious guest.

Since I *am* fragile, my ability to draw commissions may be limited. Drawing all weekend is one of my favorite things about cons, so I'll go until my body says NO MAS, but I'm going to raise rates* so I don't destroy myself in the process. (I will have some $5 sketch cards too, for you cheap-os.) I'm happy to talk with everyone - keeping me talking is BETTER for my health, so please make me feel special! During the con, make sure you keep track of my Twitter feed, as I'll try to post updates on my hours and commission queue there.

FYI: I've disabled my already-glitchy store for the con. (I've been too lazy to alert tech guy about that. It's just a quirk brought on by the server move.) Once I'm home, the code is tweaked and I have a tally of my remaining stock, the store will reopen.

(*Listen, every artist should raise rates - and attendees should remember *they* likely make FAR MORE per year than most artists, so please do the right thing and compensate for the depressed market rates by tipping!) 

Info on the Small Press Expo will come when we get closer to the show!

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