Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fancy Feastin'

I needed a fresh news post on this site, so here!

This is me playing around with a little gimmick. Since I'm taking care of a feral cat family, and bribing them so they'll trust me enough that I can catch them and take them to the vets to get fixed, I've been going through a lot of canned cat food. One brand I use has these little cardboard pieces in the cases, and I chose to save them for doodle material. Please enjoy these pics of cat-form characters drawn on cat food box dividers! The goal was to do something nifty, but also quick and loose enough that I can feasibly fit some drawing in during the 5 minutes of upright time I get per day that's not used on keeping this comic updating daily. When life throws hindrances at you, you must learn to adapt. If small sketches are all I can do, then I want them to be special enough to be coveted.

Since I cut the dividers in half, they can fit in standard envelopes and go to anyone who wants to buy one. (International orders are fine. I have special stamps!) Use the PayPal/Donate button... wherever it is on this page. (Or just PayPal to the email on the contact page.) Anything given will be put to medical bills, so let's set a $10 minimum, ok?

These aren't commissions - more like rewards for charity? You'll get whatever's on top of the pile at the time. Sizes are around 5x3.75 inches, and materials can shift if I practice with other stuff. (These are brush pen and the handful of colored pencils I use for convention sketches.) Apologies in advance if I'm slow or very short with emails. Writing on the computer is very painful for me, so someone might get their card before an email reply.

(FYI: Health-wise I'm still in a holding pattern until my muscles stop turning to stone at the first twitch, and triggering strong migraines. If I don't have time/energy to do a Copper Road each week, I also don't have time to do the equivalent work elsewhere. It ain't laziness, folks.)


Surya Kumar said...
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