Monday, September 12, 2016

Precocious at the Small Press Expo!

For second, and final, time this year, I'm leaving my isolation chamber to table at a convention! The Small Press Expo is a great show for comics lovers, because it has EVERYTHING one could want. I'll be there with my fellow SpiderForesters, at tables E12-13a. DC area, people, it's definitely worth the trip - and TICKETS TO IT ARE CHEAP!

You'll have to watch my twitter feed for last-minute details. As the Spiderlings behind the table will shift, the only time I'm only guaranteed to be there (well, give me some bathroom break wiggle room) is Saturday afternoon, from 3-7pm! I'll be wandering around the con the rest of Saturday. I *probably* won't be around Sunday. (Sorry in advance to those only available then - my books will still be there, and I'll try to sketch in them ahead of time, so you have a special bonus even if I'm not there.)

I'll have the three Precocious books with me, and might do some small commissions. Any other goodies, like charms, will probably be there. Along with my stuff, the table will feature lots of awesome SpiderForest comics to buy!

And here's a general reminder that I'm still REALLY broken and sick (I have a special med I can only take once a week that lets me be "normal" for these shows) and that means all sorts of stuff is on hold until I can improve. I'm months behind on emails (and might never manage to reply to some, because writing anything longer than a tweet, like this post, takes a LOT out of me), and any work beyond comic updates is currently beyond my ability. I know the site is broken or outdated in various places, and my store remains disabled until I feel like I'm able to do regular post office visits again. All I can do is ask you to wait and keep the faith. I haven't forgotten or deliberately ignored anyone - I'm just stuck in survival/treatment mode until I can get moving again. You all are my motivation to keep fighting!

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