Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Widdle animals!

After being ill all of May, I'm going to try and use June to tune myself up for the convention run that starts in July. Thus, an excuse to draw cute things! All these widdle bitties will be on sale, either at cons or through the upcoming store (it exists, but I haven't been taught how to use it yet).

I'm still not taking on commissions, though. I consider these warm-ups, with little pressure attached to them. If I spend an afternoon drawing one, and no one wants it, only I'm disappointed. Despite my June vow, nothing has changed medically yet. All I've done is remove one drug that was hurting more than helping, but no real replacement is happening, so I'm back to the usual death-face issues. (And that means this daily art thing isn't likely to last, but I'll try to keep things moving.)

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