Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is there a Troper in the house?

Is it desperate and classless to do this? Does it matter? Eh.

I love TV Tropes so very much, and you should to. Yes, it eats up your time in 10-hour chunks, but you will love every minute of those chunks. Never before has reading about the details of a show you've never watched or cared about been so engrossing!

What makes that site so entertaining is the dedicated Tropers, who both know their way around tropes and have the will to share their knowledge with the world. They are a special breed, worth their weight in gold, and I'm hoping I have a few of them out there. (Or, if not that, a few do-gooders willing to learn the way of the Troper.)

I would love to see Precocious' presence on TV Tropes rise. It's both good for my massive ego and good for bringing in traffic. Even if I can't bring in much action through this post, I hope I've at least ruined a few good people's schedules by sucking them into the tropeverse.  The more people who get sucked in, the more likely I'll eventually create a Troper army!  Go, my pretties! Destroy your lives to my benefit!

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Nezumi said...

... I'd suggest staying away from TV Tropes for the moment, actually. Someone hurt their feelings by making fun of a long-cut page for being creepy (which it was) on Youtube, and they're now going on a bizarre campaign to remove all creepiness from the wiki. Including things like having a works page for Lolita.

No, really, I'm not making that up. They nuked the works page for a classic piece of literature because its plot involves pedophilia and part of the anti-creepiness campaign is "zero pedo tolerance."