Friday, April 20, 2012

New Copper Road, and MORE!

Let's do this again! Vote and see the latest comic glory! This one comes right out of the real life. I can't fight it, even during business calls - as Darc and Matt from Code Name: Hunter know too well.

In addition to this update, I've also added the most recent Copper Roads to the archive page, starting here. Read them again, and utilize the comment section!

But that was not the MORE I wrote in the title. Since I already mentioned my friends...

Check it out! That's the aforementioned Matt standing by the new PRECOCIOUS CON BANNER! Preparation for Anthrocon is underway, and I'm getting very excited! I've teamed up with the CN:H folks, and we'll be hanging at our two tables under the RCSI Publishing banner. We spent tonight plotting up more and more wonderful things to show off at the con, so you'd best be making plans to come hang with us. (June 14-17 in Pittsburgh, if you were wondering.)

With the help of these pros, things are starting to heat up in the Precociousverse. There's a big announcement coming soon. Like, in a few days soon. Keep watching this space, for it shall be glorious!

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BluePaw said...

Just so you know, the third hot link "starting here" goes to, not copper road archives.

How tall is that banner?! About 6 feet?