Sunday, April 29, 2012

Open for Commissions

(Note: The above artwork is higher-priced commission than I'm offering below. I'm using it because I don't have a new example piece ready, and I want to show off recent work.)

Update for clarity: If you're interested, send me an email. You can use the feedback link on the home page.

In preparation for my upcoming appearance at Anthrocon (I'll be at a RCSI table), I am taking a bunch of quick 8.5x11" commissions. The goal is to build up skill, increase my speed and boost my portfolio. I'd love it if you guys could help me with this. Commissions will be done in grayscale markers ($15) or colored pencil ($20). (Additional characters are $5 more.) I'm also taking suggestions for exercises and studies, if you're unable to support me financially at this time but still want to be a part of this. You can find out more on the FurAffinity account I'm trying to get off the ground. I'd love to sneak some Precocious work into my con prep!

I don't know how much response this will generate, but you should probably know this is going to be your last chance to get a commission out of me for some time. Once my May promotion and any remaining outstanding commissions are done, I won't be drawing any more custom art outside of conventions (Anthrocon in June and Midwest Furfest in November) and artist editions of the book.


Iron Ed said...

I am interested in a colored-pencil commission. I'll try to send you an email with idea sketch Monday night. It's just my idea sketch; you may have a better idea after you see it. :-)

Slick Kat said...

i think my fursona needs a female companion. what can you do for me? colored pencils would be great!

Anonymous said...

"Dionne does a good* deed"
precise enough?

*"good" should naturally be open to interpretation.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Yay, some interest!

Everyone, make sure you send me an email ( with more details. It helps me keep track of everything.

Slick - That sounds fun. Want to stick with kids, or should I finally draw you as a proper adult this time?

Jonas - Is this a freebie suggestion, or a commission proposal?

Anonymous said...

A commission.

You know, it's even possible to imagine Dionne being a charity worker, after all: