Thursday, April 12, 2012

Belly dancing, take two

Here's Ms. Bard doing her belly dancing thing, this time in different colors! I hope this one is better than the first attempt. The scanner seemed to hate the lighter, subtle purples of the drapery and veil, but that's to be expected.

My work schedule is going to be shuffled yet again. First of all, I have to work around construction that'll be happening in my apartment next week. I doubt the workers will be here for more than a couple days, but for the duration of the project my coloring computer will be under a tarp. That means getting my comic work done this weekend instead of next week.  Next, it's putting the finishing touches on the book, which means some back and forth about design, drawing/scanning a few more pieces of art and writing some copy. (I am SO slow at copy.)  Everything else - commissions and one special project - can be worked on in my studio, so that stuff will be the priority when the workers are here. Yeah, I've been moving pretty slow - but I try to keep moving.

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Iron Ed said...

I have to say Ms. Bard makes a great looking belly dancer! I think you did well with the color choices too (assuming my (mildly) color-blind eyes are seeing them correctly! ;-))

I can't remember... Is Ms. Bard a cat? dog? fox? other??? :-) I thought I'd remembered her as a cat, but now she looks more fox (to me). Hmm.. She's been around long enough it might be time for her to get her own entry on the 'Cast' page! :-)