Friday, May 14, 2010

"Commiepingo" takes on new meaning...

Holy cow, guys, check this out! Precocious has been Russianized!

What's the most striking about this discovery is that it's been done really, really well. Everything's been translated, down to t-shirts, mugs and background writing. When I use puns, there's a note in Russian on the comic explaining it. The guy doing the translation is excellent! Good job, Nox!

I know, I know. Technically, this is stealing my content. That should be a no-no. But... but they put in so much effort to do this. Almost all of Precocious' strips have been translated at this point, and that's a huge number! Someone had to care enough about the strip to put in that phenomenal amount of work.

On one hand, it's not fair that I don't get a chance to profit off my work. On the other hand, it's not like those who need to read the strip in Russian would ever be readers without this. Maybe I can make them show my Project Wonderful ads or something...


Al S. Romero said...

That is so awesome. I'm still looking for a place to put the Spanish ones (that is nobody else had started on it)

Roman-Nox said...

Hello, Chrispco! I'm Nox, creator of translation. I’m so sorry, that I didn't immediately ask you for permission to translate. When I saw your comic at the first time, I liked it so much that I decided to give it a chance to be read by entire Russian-speaking audience. Soon I was so engrossed in the translation that I forgotten to ask you for permission. And when I remembered, there been translated already 350 strips. Then I decided that I would write you when will translate all the strips available on the current day. And today, as usual, I looked at your blog and was so surprised that could not calm down for an hour. I didn't think at all that you will find my translation.

I really appreciate that you rated my hard work so high. Thx a lot. I’ve invested so much effort in the translation. I started it at March 13, 2010. There was not a day without translation. Sometimes I did 4 strips a day, sometimes 30. It was particularly difficult to translate strips of «Gag-a-may Day» and adapt the pun with Kaitlyn Hu.

I think that the target audience (English-speaking) do not affect of this fact or circumstances, but it will attract the audience from Russia. So many people who read the translation, one way or another, come to your site, thereby increasing its attendance! Also, there are people who know English and prefer to read comics in the original.

Once again, I beg your pardon, that I had not asked permission at the beginning of translation. Better late than never. Now I want to ask official permission to translation of your webcomic and its publication on our website. I don't feel so good that once did not ask about it. I'm very ashamed. I can't convey in words all the feelings that I experienced today. Surprise, shame, joy, panic :)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Aww, how can I be mad at someone who did such a great job? I'm very flattered!

As long as you link back to my site and as long as no one is earning any money from the translations, you can have my permission to continue.

Roman-Nox said...

wooohooo :)
Thank you! Now I can continue to work! This intsedent forced some of our translators to talk directly with the authors of comics, which they translate.

A few words about the strips design. As soon as I translate all the strips, I'm going to fix the first 100 strips. I don't really like how I did them. Fonts, wording sentences. Well, at that date I had too little experience. If you have any comments on my work or any suggestions, you can write me at the e-mail (it is in my profile).

I am concerned about one question. How did you find our website? I Google all night through the American proxy, but haven't achieved the desired result :)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Google Analytics and my Project Wonderful advertisements track which sites send me readers. I saw listed there and investigated. That is how I found you. :-)