Friday, May 7, 2010

Get aboard the train!

Here's an updated version of the wedding card idea, featuring a new dress for Deirdre! (The original design is below for comparison.) Gone is the lace around the neck, as no wedding dresses on a Google search had them. I stuck a necklace on her instead. The big addition is a larger train on the dress, which makes it more wedding-y. The bow is something I am ambivalent about, as evidenced by me forgetting to draw the ribbons in the new drawing. It's something Deirdre *would* probably wear - neither Linkletter has much fashion sense - but it may be conflicting with the new dress.

The downside of the new dress is that the train makes it no longer fit on the card front. That's either a design flaw or a feature, depending on what I do with the back of the card. I had sorta planned on nothing for the back, as this was to be a smaller project.

There's not much change for Harvey. I added his signature bow tie back in, as all tuxedos I Googled had one. Otherwise his clothing remains a bit off - but deliberately so. Tuxes are really boring from the side, so I had to make it wrong to make it look right in a cartoony drawing.

Here's the original wedding drawing, for reference:

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Iron Ed said...

I like Dierdre's bow. I vote to keep it (and add back the ribbons.) Might need a touch more detail on the bow, but I'm not sure how; just seems a bit bland at the moment.
Besides, they probably think it coordinates so well with Harvey's bow tie. :-)

I definitely like the row flowers on the dress!

Something relatively simple for the back might be a pencil sketch (b&w) of Harvey picking Dierdre for their first date and dear ol' Mom giggling behind the door. ;-)