Sunday, May 9, 2010

Working around the fold

It's time to get serious about this wedding card. Behold: Bonus flowers! Now there's something cute for the back of the card! Also, the train has been shortened so the fold of the card no longer violates the rules of composition. My college professors will be so proud.

Now comes the task of picking out colors. The difficulty is that the Linkletters are a bit, um, off in fashion sense - but the card still has to look nice! It's time to mess around with coloring! I can't tell you what I'm planning, as I have no plan yet. Just assume it shall be awesome.


Tristam said...

You could try making Harveys tux some redicilous color, like salmon pink or baby blue. I can imagine him in a tux like that.

As for Deirdre, I'd just go for a white wedding dress, maybe with some colors adorning it, because whites the only color *I've* ever seen.

Iron Ed said...

Dierdre's bow color should match Harvey's bow tie!