Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Linkletter Love

Here's the first coloring of the wedding card! Sorry about the crappy photo. The colors are nice and light, which means they die to both a flash and my insensitive scanner. Hopefully enough came out that you can get a sense of what things looks like.


Iron Ed said...

Nice touch, that matching bow on the vase. :-) But, when did Dierdre get blue hair? Shouldn't it be black?

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Her hair has always been dark blue. (It's the typical comic cop-out for black hair, though, since a blob of black is distracting.) Everything on the card is a little lighter to give it the faded photograph feel, but the color is accurate.

awalker1829 said...

If you look at the family portrait (somewhere in the blog), you'll also see that her hair is dark blue. Harvey's the one who's had the most significant change in appearance. In the comic, his fur is a light gray. In the family portrait and the card, he's light brown.