Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Copper Road + News stuff!

Hey, I made one! Hooray! Vote here to see the latest Copper Road.

No, I didn't intentionally take Copper Roads away to force you to earn them back in the book three preorder. It's an unfortunate consequence of book work, convention prepping and me being very ill. (I'm still doing the doctor circuit, hoping for some good news.)

On the book, the preoder has been delayed again, though the release date hasn't. Basically, I'm not taking your money until the book is already complete and ready to go. There will be no iffyness on this thing. I have a basic plan for the tiers I will be offering, though I might sneak in a quickie reader survey in the next week or so to gauge interest before investing in bonus goodies.  The big delay right now is not about the book being completed, but when I can put up the campaign page. If things go as planned, I'll be on the road for a large chunk of March, visiting friends and tabling at Fur The More and Furry Weekend Atlanta, so I just won't have computer time to sit down and type stuff out. It may take until early April before the campaign is proofed and approved for launch.

Also of note: Due to my two-cons-in-two-weeks journey, I will be shutting down the Precocious store during that time. I can't ship books on the road, and I'll have all remaining art cards with me at the cons for sale. This means if you want to grab some art or the books, do it now. My stock is running low, so I may keep the store closed until after Awesome Con DC.

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