Monday, July 1, 2013

See you at Anthrocon!

This is the big week! Are you ready? This is what I've been working towards for all these months. BOOK TWO IS HERE! That's just the start, though, as I have much more to offer. I *will* be offering table commissions - badges, art cards and a few half-pages - which makes this one of the few times this year you can get custom art from me.  I'll be bringing along a pile of original art for sale as well, and even bringing original Precocious and Copper Road comics for sale.  (If you're interested in grabbing an original, write me and let me know so I can bring it with me.)

I'm spending almost all of my time at table N19 in the dealer's den, trying to pay off some of those medical bills that keep piling up over here.  Find me by walking into the hall, taking a right and heading to the corner of great comics! (I'm next to Bill Holbrook this year. So excited to be close to one of my cartooning heroes!)   Above is the badge I'll be wearing, to help you pick me out of the line-ups.  Assisting me at my table is the wonderful and magnetic Mat of Badly Drawn Kitties. You can tell us apart because he is blond, with short hair, is haunted by less obvious demons, and is adorable in a way that only Canadians can be. (That means he's probably wearing a Canucks jersey.)

I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces (please don't get mad if I have forgotten your face - it's not only that I meet so many folks, but I also know most of you by your username or character badge instead of face) and meeting lots of new people! Come keep me busy and happy!

Notes: I'm happy to chat with everyone, but remember this is still a business trip for me. If you're just chatting, move to the side to let others have access to the table, and don't feel bad if I have to pause and turn my attention to customers. My prices have increased across the board, which means they've gone from laughably cheap to more reasonable. Increases in small business costs, plus all those medical bills, means I can't be as giving as before. If you pre-ordered book 2, I will not have your copy at Anthrocon. The Kickstarter order of books has not arrived yet. I don't know what my social schedule will be like, but you can invite me to things. If I get an escort (because I'm shy and still don't know many people on the circuit), I'll try to hang in the zoo after hours to do my homework.

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