Friday, July 26, 2013

New Copper Road! 7/26/13

First off, the store should be fixed! Look at the pretty art cards to order away! It's set up to take credit cards of PayPal. (Let me know if more errors appear.)

You were warned more were coming, and so I deliver! Vote here to see the latest Copper Road! This is a similar thing to yesterday's Vincent diversion. Yvette's walked away from the current story,  so let's see an alternate tale of her antics!

What's odd about this comic is that you can blank out the end panel, and it works. You can blank out the two last panels at it works. And it keeps working as you go! You can stop reading at any panel and it's a comic! (Well, imagine the other five panels are empty if you stop at panel one.) It's... it's a weird comic.  Enjoy!

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