Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vote for a Bonus Comic!

I warned you that the latest Copper Road wouldn't be up long. Now it has rotated out and a bonus comic for the Charity arc has appeared! Vote to see it! (All Copper Roads from the past month will be added to the archive page on the 1st, if you acted shamefully and missed one.)

Having gone through the process of laying out a book, I'm much more aware about how comics fit on the printed pages now, and sometimes my stories don't fit so neatly. So, hey, if there's going to be a gap in the book, why not toss in a bonus comic to fill it? I want my books to give a unique experience, and including bonuses like that is a great way to do that. Granted, I'm three years away from benefiting from this new policy, but better late than never! And no promise it stick around beyond this week, as bonus comics take time to make! Still, let's aim high for now!

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