Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pimp my Studio Giveaway!

Darc, of Code Name: Hunter, is holding an awesome art supply giveaway (which I contributed to) and all artists and especially aspiring artists should check it out! These are supplies that are meant to get you off the ground, or enhance what you already have lying around. This is stuff we use, and we know how important quality supplies are! Darc has provided great stuff for sketching and basic drawing/inking, including helpful art instruction books that *I* covet! I've tossed in some of my favorite comic-making supplies!

How do you get this great package? Show some art initiative! Artists (even if just hobbyists/dabblers) make art, wherever they can. Share a photo of your work space, and you are entered into the drawing - which will be held on Darc's weekly streaming session on June 12th. It doesn't matter where your drawing space is, or its level of fanciness - the point is to show how we draw wherever we can. A rather large percentage of the first year of Precocious was drawn on a wobbly card table, mostly with supplies I scrounged up from around my grandparent's house. It wasn't much, but it worked.  Draw on the dining room table? At your desk? On one of those lap board in your bed? A lined notebook on the school bus? It's all good! Take a pic and send it to Darc! (Include links to whatever art accounts you have!)

Get all the details on her official post about the giveaway!

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