Monday, April 29, 2013

Continuing charm/button work

No new finals to show off, but here's a new wave of sketches for the book two preorder Kickstarter rewards! Enjoy the sketches, and my musing on said sketches.

Above are some button designs for the kids who haven't been buttoned yet. Kaitlyn and Max are hard, because their personalities are hard to distill into a single button-sized quip.  The sweet "Friend?" for Max is the best bet for him. It's cute and useful even to non-readers. Kaitlyn's both require Precocious knowledge, but they're interesting designs.

Yvette, being silent, is hard to tackle, so I tried a sketch where she's be peeking into the button frame. Not sure I can pull it off, as the space needed to show all important Yvette features might be too much for the peeking idea. It would work better if her hands were up, holding onto the border - but that is not how button-making works.

I have said I'm only including three buttons with each Cupcake of Bliss (plus a special one), but I guess I could make a pile of buttons and just give a random three in each gift box. No, I cannot simply give people more buttons this time around. The same total amount of buttons would be produced, regardless of the number of designs used, as I'm hiring someone to make these and I have to stay within budget.

Here are some charm ideas. Instead of putting in the labels, as with the first designs (see below), I'm going to simplify things. Charms are only 1.5" in size, after all.

For the finals, I will draw full figures, then crop them to a circle.  Only Vincent is poofy enough to possibly fit his whole body into a circle - but I played with poses that would cut his legs off too. SOLIDARITY! The premise for the most-sketched pose was that Vincent was facing the wrong way and just noticed - possibly paired with Tiffany being upside down on the opposite side? Not sure it'll work, but worth a shot.

Since I rejected the design of Kaitlyn showing off a sketch, I went back to the On-Cue Ball pose again. What can I say? It's a good one.  Yvette's charm sketch was also simplified. A bunch of small dolls would be too tiny on the charm, so again I went back to an old standard of her and doll-Kaitlyn.

And here I drew Autumn holding something with text, knowing that wouldn't work. I wanted to keep the theme of having everyone with an accessory. The book may stay, but text will be gone or very simple. (Like changing "BLACKMAIL" to "INFO" on the first Autumn charm.)

Tiffany and Quincy both got alternate designs here. Wizard Quincy will probably still win out, but shovel Tiffany could supplant artist Tiffany in the end.

Might as well include the first sketches here too, making this a master post. Here are the original designs. Some will win (ice cream Jacob is definitely in, and both Quincy and Autumn's first designs are solid) and some will be replaced or redrawn.  (Roddy and Dionne won't get a double-sided charm, by the way. I drew them for fun.)

For the sake of completion, here's some inks I recently posted:


Anonymous said...

I'm saving all these images just in case I can't get all the pins I want, mwahaha!

FinalDisnerd said...

Lots of wonderful designs here Chrispy! This is all opinion stuff, but you asked so I'll throw in my two cents.

I love the look of the "Guess Hu" button and the far left Max face button (Those eyes!). I totally agree that Max could sell outside of the Precociousverse, everyone wants friends, right?

I love the double sided charms. A bit sad to hear that Dionne and Roddy (And thus Max and Xander) are getting back burnered, but you do what you have to do. The main four are obviously the most important ones to get into production. The others can always be revisited later if need be.

That said, I think it would be hilarious to see a double sided charm of Suzette, where the other side just says something like, "I hate you all" or "The one and only".

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Nefaria - Those aren't at print resolution! You will not succeed!

FinalDisnerd - The double-sided charms are very expensive to make, so I need to know they'd be sold before I order them. I have to stop at four for now, and those might as well be the main four. A Dionne/Roddy combo would be fun, though.

While I certainly have some folks who would want the full charm sets, my fan base isn't remotely close to being big enough to justify an order of the size needed to get those sets. (Plus, designing those charms is a complex process.)