Thursday, March 8, 2012

There's evil inside me!

(The blog-spamming continues. Be sure to look around for all the recent posts)

First off, here's the inks for one of my watercolor belly dancer commissions. Isn't it nice? I wanted to have it finished already, buuuut....

I'm sick. Booooo.

I've been fighting this for a few days now, and today I chose to give in and let it turn me into a whiny weaklng. No luck so far, but it *did* put me behind with my work schedule... so yay? This is one of those sicky things that won't make up its mind. I'm not sniffly or anything. I'm not in full-blown flu mode by any stretch. Instead, I've been steadily hovering on that border of "sleep if off" and "fight through it." I've got what feels like a slight fever, I'm continuously nauseous and I've got persistent head and body aches. It's enough to make me miserable, but not enough to justify a complete shutdown.

I'm gonna fight as much as I can today (the plan was to get three more blog-worthy things done) but I'm not sure how much progress will actually be made. Wish me luck!

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