Friday, March 9, 2012

Grayscale forever!

Yet another blog post in this recent burst! Expect two more by the end of Friday.

I didn't get as much done today as I'd have preferred, what with the whole illness thing and all, but I tried.

While waiting for replies to commission emails I thought I'd settle in and do another marker sketch. So I got up from my computer, walked over to the studio, turned on a stupid basketball game... and immediately passed out. Seems walking across my apartment was too much for me in my weakened state. I got really dizzy, had to lay down and only got up when my phone alerted me to the B-52's concert airing on PBS.

After TV, internet, email and some false starts due to dizziness, I finally settled down and did a character study for another commission. This pose is rather static, because the focus was on figuring out the hair and the dress. I'm not sure how this sketch will match up to the final version, but that's why I'm doing the sketches. Gotta figure this lady out!

After finishing her, emails came in giving me the go to color the other two commissions. They'll take priority tomorrow. (Man, I hope I feel better tomorrow.) Since I don't want to ruin any coloring with woozy work, I may do another marker sketch as a warm-up. This time I should try drawing a furry dude. Any non-fox requests?

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Iron Ed said...

Non-fox requests? How about a bobcat-gray tabby cross?

I once had one as a character in a shared online story. His name was Rufus and he was just a bit full of himself (aren't all cats?), especially when dealing with Claude, the less-than-genius hound-dawg who followed him around the Old West town of Slick Rock. :-)

Rufus traveled the west with a human named Cat Morgan. Cat rode a black Appaloosa horse named Two-Bit. (Two-Bit was actually a dragon disguised as a horse.) None of the humans knew the 'animals' as other than just regular cats, dogs, horses, etc.