Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Copper Road! 3/6/12

Once again, my suffering causes you pleasure. Enjoy this strip inspired by recent events, including this morning. Vote here to see it!

Also, warning you now, there may not be a Copper Road next week. I'll be prepping for my trip to Furry Weekend Atlanta! It's my first con and I'm very very nervous about it, so I'd love it if some of you could stop by and make me feel happy! I'll post more about FWA soon!

By the way, even if there's no new Copper Road next week, you should still be voting every day! TWC is a great resource for growing comics, and the visits I get from it are directly related to how high my ranking is. Help Precocious grow!


Iron Ed said...

Funny Copper Road today!

I hope you have a great time at FWA! I've never been to a con either, in any capacity. Too bad Atlanta is 8+ hours away from here. Also, my truck's engine has a rod knock; it's probably blow up long before I got there! Have fun, Chrispy!

Iron Ed said...

Y'know; it wasn't 'til the second time I voted that I realized I should scroll the vote incentive way down to see the final panel. (Mama never said -I- was the bright one in the litter. ;-))