Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's commissionathon time!

So... as you might guess, that image above is not mine. It belongs to one of my friends, who is joining me on this current fundraising experiment. See, this time it's just not me looking for some commission. There are three of us, here for all you drawing needs.

There's a decent amount of Precocious readers who qualify as liking furry art, so we decided to team up and offer our services. Unlike me, they have TALENT, so they can draw most anything you ask them do, anthro or good old-fashion humans or animals.

For me... you know what I do. I draw Precocious-y stuff, and that's it. What I'm offering for this run are half-page watercolor pieces, featuring one character (mine or yours) and maybe one prop for $25 each. (Look down the blog for the Dionne/Jacob pieces for an example.) Normally I'd charge more, but since these are experiments so I can get better at the whole watercolor thing, you get a discount.

My friends are MUCH more versatile, and able to offer a great variety of tasks. You can get a sense of the work one offers from the piece above. (Which I should mention is from a few years back, so she's even better now!) The other draws ridiculously cute chibi art! I'll have a sample of her work up shortly. Their prices will range from $15 sketches to $50 full-color single character pieces done in a variety of methods. (Extra charges apply for extras, such as more than one character and backgrounds, of course.)

All artwork, no matter who does it, will be accompanied by a special limited-edition Precocious gocco print. This way you get something Precocious-y AND get superior artwork of your favorite character!

This is kinda an emergency fundraiser thing, as we're all in need at the moment. This post is a feeler to see if anyone out there is willing to work with the three of us. When the commissionathon officially launches, I'll put it out where people can actually see it. If you're reading this now and want to give my friends and me a shot, please reply here or drop me an email at

Edit: And just so you guys know. We don't do anything porny. Don't even try to ask.


Slick Kat said...

if i can scrape up the money, i'll happily order something!

Anonymous said...

For a second there, I thought it said "we don't do anything pony". Such a relief!

I'll pester you Monday when you're available...

DRB_II said...

I have no idea what I'd order, but I do have money (somehow), not to mention wall space begging to be filled.

What can I say, I'm too helpful sometimes.
(That color swatch will be coming back... just as soon as I actually start on it.)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Thanks for the support, guys!

I'm not sure if we do anything PONY either, mostly because I *know* I'm lousy at it and they haven't drawn pony yet - although they *were* willing to try! (Heck, I'll still *attempt* it, if you want.)