Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flower Power!

A new commission appears! This request is for Suzette going full flower child, as hinted at with her makeover in the current arc. I was tempted to sit her down and make her strum a guitar, but doing so would cover up the tie-dye shirt, and I really want a chance to watercolor that thing!
And I haven't forgotten the other commission! Here's the final inked version. Watercoloring begins... well, I dunno when. I may do it tonight. I may do it Thursday. Wednesday is a comic work day, so probably not then.

Either way, THESE TWO COMMISSIONS DESPERATELY NEED BUDDIES! Guys, I am never going to be able to pay my bills unless you start demanding watercolors!

1 comment:

DRB_II said...

Between her ears and those glasses, I'm getting a serious Janis Joplin vibe off of Suzette there... and I like it.